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  • Welcome to Fuel Food!

    Welcome to Fuel Food!

    A home for all things fun and foodie! Real food and wellness advice from my everyday world to yours.

    Our clients are real, everyday men, women and children just trying to live their healthiest life in a busy world.

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    What's On Offer?

    Providing nutritional advice and consultation, wellness coaching and lifestyle blogs without the faff.

    Real recipes, that the kids will love and EAT. Fuel Food Australia is all about keeping it real and enjoying your life, and surviving meal times, along the way.

  • Fuel For Kids Book

    Fuel For Kids Book

    Home cooked, lick-the-spoon delicious, prep ahead recipes for kids and kids at heart.

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Why Fuel Food Australia?

I’ve always had a thing for food. Mostly the eating of the food. And the cooking. Not so much the shopping for, whingeing about, cleaning up after or the following merry-go-round of the same stuff over and over again, but there’s just something about smooshing ingredients together, making the house smell amazing and filling the tummies of my family that I have always found so incredibly……me!

I’m a Mum of four and step-mum of 3 (yep, that’s 7 kids!) from Bunbury, Western Australia. My FIFO partner eats enough to feed a small country on a daily basis and every day I am cooking for teenagers and toddlers, smelly boys and picky girls, busy athletes and food sensitivities. I love nothing more than talking food, food behaviours, food trends, food habits and positive food changes with all the families that come into my life. It’s a privilege to bring education and inspiration to fellow families all just trying to make better food choices whilst rushing through our busy lives.

One thing about me; I keep shit real.  I don’t make food that my kids won’t eat, and with 7 of them, I think I’ve got most taste preferences covered! So in my book (Fuel For Kids), you’ll find kid-tested recipes without the BS. If I try to create a muffin with a traditionally ‘healthy’ ingredient and it tastes gross, then that bugger goes in the bin and we go back to using chocolate. Or sugar. Or a crap tonne of butter. I feed my kids whole foods about 75% of the time, and the rest of the time it’s store-bought yoghurt or microwave popcorn. Because, you know, #balance.

Whatever floats your boat when it comes to your kid’s nutrition, you’ll find options in Fuel For Kids Book. Whether you’re on a budget, gluten free, sugar free, nut free, time poor or just looking for ideas for fuel to feed your small humans, I’ve got your back.

I hope Fuel Food Australia brings you ideas and inspiration for lunchboxes, after school snacks, dinner sides and starting the day right. Fuel For Kids Book is available now and I hope it brings you and your kids together in the kitchen to try new things. But most of all, I hope this book, and my recipes, bring you joy, as all good food should.

Be Kind To Yourself
Clanc xx